What is a paramotor ?

Very short explained you could say it's a backpack propellor motor.





Example of a paramotor,

also known as paramoteur or ppg-engine


a parapent is a parachute with a wing shape,
therefore it can fly like a glider or a ultralight aircraft.

The word "parapente" is french. "Pente" means "slope". This name was born in the seventees,
a group of french parachutists started to run from a hill slope with their parachutes and started paragliding.

One guess how the word "paramoteur" was born ;-)

With a propellor enginge on your back connected to a paraglider one can take-off from any lane or flat land, and land there also.
With a tank filled with petrol (oil mixed) one can fly for hours !

The speed of a Paramotor measured against the air (airspeed) is around 40km/hour (ca 22mph).
But if you fly with the wind, the speed against the ground (speed over ground=S.O.G.) can be 80km/uur. (ca 44mph).

How high can one fly with a paramotor?
Depending of the engine. Some pilots flew to an altitude of 3500 meter ! (10000ft)
Normaly we fly between 150 en 400 meter (ca 500..1200 feet).